Are you planning a great event for your employees, customers or service providers? Even in times of personal distancing, we have unique and individual solutions ready for you. Digital flexibility is gaining a whole new meaning and personal contacts with employees and customers in the home office are neglected and commuting is difficult.

The solution are cross-location, digital events. Whether video conference with two people or with several teams or a streaming of the sales conference for a wide audience. In a hybrid event, z. B. the audience will be connected to experts from all over the world. You give us the goal. We’ll find the perfect solution.

Communication as the most important tool in everyday life forces us to new processes, because the digital exchange with employees, customers and partners allows them to remain able to act. The solution: digital live events from the Spreespeicher to your guests’ living room.

in partnership with 



sustainably increases your group of participants


connect your live audience with speakers and teams around the world


on “accessible” stages and with digital product presentations




Video conferences have become commonplace in home office times. In internal exchange and inexperienced handling, mistakes can and “may” happen. A perfect appearance is required for video conferences with the general public, the press and customers. NIKKUS not only provides the appropriate hardware (e.g. modern 360 ° cameras with multiple miking, high-quality speakers and automatic speaker recognition), but also suitable software and local and, if necessary, external support.

The technology studio in Berlin serves as an extension to prepare signals from all speakers individually, to control settings remotely and to transfer the mixed image with presentations, CI backgrounds and live images in live streams.

As a rule, no event location is required for video conferences.



Exclusively virtually realized events are rapidly gaining importance in the current situation. Due to event bans and distance requirements, analog and hybrid events are currently not or hardly feasible. Using state-of-the-art hardware and state-of-the-art rendering machines, we stage speakers, speakers, product presentations and panel discussions on “virtually accessible stages”. This is how we ensure the appropriate appearance. The audience in the stream will feel like they are watching “Today Journal” or “Galileo”. There, too, live connections look very real and exciting. With your content and our technology, we keep the attention high and create a lasting impression. With films, animations, tracking shots, scene changes and jingles, emotions can be experienced live. A virtual room created especially for your event and all elements of the platform appear in the corporate design. Participants can get involved directly via likes, feedback buttons, Q&A, surveys and going live.

For the actual presentation, an appealing setting like in an event location is ideal (e.g. a panel discussion on the Spree terrace or a room for a product presentation)



The common “one-way streaming” has found its way into our daily lives since the World Cup. Many will remember: spectators with satellite reception cheered 15-20 seconds earlier at a goal.
With our modern encoders and lightning-fast servers, we deliver a latency of between 2 and 8 seconds, depending on the security level. In combination with our interaction tool, this even enables voting and collaboration almost in real time. Your participants are also digitally “there live”.
The stream can be fed from a video conference, a hybrid event or a virtual event.

A live stream for your event lets prospects anywhere in the world be there when you broadcast the event. Modern media and social networks simplify the dissemination of experiences and allow the technical possibilities to contribute to an individual event.



Hybrid events will become increasingly popular after the crisis. Organizers will not want to do without inviting their employees to a kick-off full of emotions. There will be more and more mixed situations with “digilogenic” challenges. Speakers will travel less often for a single lecture, and many participants from abroad will consider whether they want to make the journey personally. In addition, we will learn from the crisis that “(sometimes)” it can also be digital and sustainable. For hybrid events, we connect the local live audience with external speakers or teams. This is how we make important exchanges efficient and sustainable. For hybrid events, we connect the local live audience with external speakers or teams.

Whether for a product launch, an anniversary or a congress: a live stream for events will raise awareness of your event far beyond the participating guests. The sustainability due to the lower travel expenses is another unbeatable argument for this event format.


Where classic congresses only present the content to the active participants, hybrid congresses take all interested parties on a journey of discovery that goes far beyond the experiences during the event. The target group-oriented implementation as a hybrid congress has a lasting effect on the success of your event. Organize your congress as a hybrid congress in Berlin.

Create interaction and time-shifted experiences

If a congress is held as a hybrid event, take your target group with you to a unique event before the official start. The interaction via the selected media allows the active involvement of the participants as well as the reach towards interested parties who cannot be on site. The interest of the target group forms the focus of all aspects of the event: Positive feedback can be reinforced, while negative feedback can be taken up and improved promptly.

With the hybrid congress in Berlin, you can expand the success of the event far beyond the days of the congress. Exciting lectures and program items can also be followed on-demand after the event and memories of the highlights can be refreshed in a targeted manner.